Wholistic Nutrition for the Modern Mom


There were many challenges thrown at me during the postpartum period like breastfeeding, mood fluctuation, changes in energy levels, anxiety, and irregular sleep patterns.  Meeting with Dani through that time, together we built a solid foundation I could stand on to overcome each stressor.  I loved that our sessions were about me (not the baby) and were both educational and flexible based on what I was going through week to week.  Dani taught me to connect what I eat to how I feel and it has become easy to make food choices that give me energy, keep my emotions balanced, and sustain me through long days and long nights.  Dani's passion for food and how it impacts our lives is very apparent, and contagious.  I have learned so much from her and have made fundamental changes in how I understand and use food.  Thank you Dani!

/ Jennifer ryan /




Dani came into our home, organized the cupboards and helped me strategize a realistic plan of how my family could eat in a more mindful way.  We discussed meal prep, and how to handle my busy week with my 2 kids.  Then she took it a step further and went my market with me.  She educated me on what a balanced meal really is and how cooking with fresh, local ingredients can be simplified.  Dani is bridging the gap between science and mom brain.  I cannot say enough about how she helped me change my perspective on cooking for the family, the importance of being mindful — and all while feeling like I was just hanging out with my girlfriend.

/  nicole Mitacek  /


Dani has this way of making you want to eat healthy.  She makes it all seem so doable and that’s a feat for a busy mom of two toddlers.  I never thought my son would go for roasted salmon or scarf down a bowl of quinoa, but now those are two staples in our house.  

/  jessica voris  /


Dani has been my post-natal yoga instructor for the past 8 months. Her classes are one of the highlights of my week. She is thoughtful, calming, and encouraging, and always has a smile on her face. She is also wonderful with my daughter! Dani radiates love and compassion and I always leave her classes feeling better mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am so appreciative of the work that Dani does and highly recommend her!