Wholistic Nutrition for the Modern Mom


Nutrition Services

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The "Baby Bee" Package

Congratulations!  This package is designed for Mamas who are trying to conceive or already pregnant.  We will focus on nutrient dense whole foods, herbs, and lifestyle therapies that nourish Mama and your Baby Bee.   

  • Complimentary 15-20 min phone consult
  • 6 Sessions with the option to add prenatal workshops such as prenatal yoga, mindful shopping, mindful cooking, and mindful environment makeover 
  • Can be used at any time during the prenatal stage (TTC-Labor)
  • Features in depth client intake, nutritional assessment, and nutritional education topics
  • Addresses health concerns by trimester including gestational diabetes, fatigue, anemia, healthy weight gain, mood and sleep, infections, heartburn, and more 
  • Examine and establish external nutritional systems for when baby arrives
  • Option to include food
  • Unlimited text and email support - response time within 24 hours
Danielle Ho Moriarty and Client in Baby Bee Package

The "MamaBee" Package

Ideal for first time Mamas and experienced Mamas, the Mama Bee Package addresses core imbalances resulting from growing, laboring, and birthing a baby.  We will focus on replenishing Mama's reserves, and thus baby's milk, with healing foods, herbs, and lifestyle systems.    

  • Complimentary 15-20 min phone consultation
  • 6 in home sessions spaced out weekly or at Mama's discretion 
  • Topics include nutritional support for healing, lactation, fatigue and sleep deprivation, hormone balancing, immune health, GI related issues, and healthful sustainable weight loss 
  • Each session includes a home cooked meal or snack for Mama by Mamabee
  • Unlimited text and email support - response time within 24 hours
  • Additional support including postnatal yoga, grocery shopping and meal prep available 
Danielle Ho Moriarty and client from The Mama Bee Package

The "Bee Hive" Package

Ideal for Mamas with older babies, toddlers, and older children who continue to struggle with postnatal health concerns such as chronic fatigue, mood and cognitive dysfunction, food sensitivities, healthful weight loss, or just want to find overall balance.  We will focus on eating nutrient dense foods the whole family will enjoy.  


  • Complimentary 15-20 min phone consultation
  • 6 Sessions spaced out weekly 
  • Features a mindful shopping trip (at your grocery store), mindful cooking (in your home), mindful kitchen environment makeover, mindful family nutrition, and mindful movement
  • Option to include food
  • Unlimited text and email support - response time within 24 hours
Danielle Ho Moriarty with client and twins from The Bee Hive Package

Mindful Movement

  • CONSCIOUS PRENATAL YOGA prepares Mama for an active birth using the breath, movement, and visualization. Our practice will open and strengthen the body, relax the mind, and feed the soul. Private and semi-private lessons available.

  • POSTNATAL MAMA AND BABY yoga is a fun, supportive space for Mama honor her rebirth as Mother. Our practice will focus on the physical and energetic connection with Baby and to Mama’s own intuition. Babies newborn through 14 months are encouraged to join Mama in class! Private and semi-private lessons available.


"The days are long but the years are short ."

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