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Wholistic Nutrition for Mama

Danielle Ho Moriarty with farmer’s market basket of produce

Who needs Wholistic Nutrition?

Every Mama!  It does not matter if you are a first time Mama, an experienced Mama, or a Mama born with a kale stem in her mouth - we all need support during the transition into (or into again) mommyhood.  Mamabee Nutrition believes the journey into mommyhood is pivotal and unique, thus deserving of time, space, and opportunity for growth.  The journey begins before conception and extends to 24 months postpartum.  Mamabee Nutrition provides wholistic nutritional support at any point during the prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal stages.

As mamas, our own health becomes obscured by the urgency to take care of our little ones, our families, and our careers.  Imbalances take root, and if left unchecked, they will wreak havoc on our minds, bodies, and lives.  Mamabee Nutrition uses the healing powers of food and nutrition to help you RECOVER and REBALANCE in order to live more thoughtful, more purposeful, more connected lives.   

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  What is Wholistic Nutrition?

An egg is a nutrient dense food with undisputed health benefits of protein, fat, choline, and selenium.  It may be the perfect portable snack for one individual yet cause an IgG immune response in another individual.  Wholistic nutrition is the insightful curiosity into the synergistic behaviors between the food we eat and our internal systems of biotransformation, communication, elimination and repair pathways.  Working with Mamabee Nutrition means you will gain insights not only about the quality of egg you eat but also about how the storage container you choose, the everyday makeup you wear, and your genetic predisposition affect food relations within your body and mind. 

Wild caught salmon, heirloom quinoa, and local butternut squash with seasonal greens sound like the beginnings of a healthy, balanced meal.  A wholistic nutrition practice recognizes nutrition goes beyond the knowledge of what foods to eat and examines the external support systems of grocery shopping habits, cooking environments, storage techniques, and dining atmospheres.  If your oven is temperamental, your countertops are littered with toys, and you don't own a proper chef's knife, those well intentioned ingredients will never make it to the plate.  

Wholistic nutrition is the dynamic practice of eating food for optimum health.  Mamabee Nutrition observes, inquires, and builds upon your internal and external systems.  Mamabee Nutrition integrates the systems according to your changing INDIVIDUAL biochemistry and your changing INDIVIDUAL life situation.  

 A wholistic nutrition practice begins with an awareness of the internal and external systems affecting nourishment and it never ends... it's a practice!!!


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Danielle Ho Moriarty B.A., M.A., Certified Wholistic Nutritionist

 Why Mamabee Nutrition?

Danielle Ho Moriarty earned her BA in Neuroscience and Behavior from Wesleyan University, her MA in Biotechnology from Columbia University, her post Master's Certificate in Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health.  She combines a conscious mindset with biochemical and molecular knowledge of nutritional science to make nutrition accessible, enjoyable, and delicious.    

 A grateful modern mom to 2 young boys, ages 6 and 3,  she believes wholistic nutrition is the pathway to optimum health - a state of being in dynamic balance.  Danielle's Chinese heritage and her doting mother taught her  "The Sitting Moon" wisdom, an ancient postpartum rejuvenation custom.  The Sitting Moon is one lunar month of rest, replenishment, and nourishment in the quiet and stillness of home.

 Healthy Mama = Healthy Baby = Healthy Family

 The health of your family affects the health of my family and so on...  This is multidirectional impact of health systems.  

Mamabee Nutrition is committed to promoting social change one Mama at a time.